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Klover- Pellet stoves and boilers

ref. 17634 · publication date: 30/06/2022

Manufacturer of pellet stoves and boilers of recognized prestige, present in more than 30 countries, is looking for commercial delegates to promote and strengthen the growth of the brand in several areas, Catalonia, the Valencian...

Commercial agent in renovations and construction

ref. 17636 · publication date: 28/06/2022

We are looking for a dynamic person to develop the commercial area of a company specialized in reforms that starts operations in Barcelona and its surroundings. The work will consist of visiting communities of neighbors, owners,...

Commercial Agents Construction sector (waterproofing and paving)

ref. 17632 · publication date: 21/06/2022

Malagrida Group produces the most advanced linear drainage system with patented technology. Our Made in Italy solution is easy to install and completely waterproof, providing high efficiency without sacrificing refined design. Product: High-quality...

Multi-portfolio agent in the bathroom or kitchen furniture sector

ref. 17635 · publication date: 21/06/2022

We are a family marble workshop, located in Santpedor, with more than 40 years of experience, for some time we have specialized in acrylic-based SOLID SURFACE materials such as CORIAN, KRION, HI-MACS, BETACRYL between d others,...

Exclusive commercial agent

ref. 17619 · publication date: 03/06/2022

We are an established manufacturer of heat exchangers with more than 30 years of history and a large international presence. Headquartered in Poland, we manufacture innovative, energy-efficient devices and technologies that address...

Commercial Technician for an industrial thermal insulation company.

ref. 17617 · publication date: 30/05/2022

Manufacturer and installer of industrial thermal insulation for the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors, is looking for a commercial agent in Catalonia. For the sale and installation of sandwich panel, insulation, doors, first...

Commercial agent for the construction and elevation sector

ref. 17614 · publication date: 25/05/2022

A Portuguese subsidiary company of a multinational in the construction and elevation sector, is interested in concluding a commercial contract with a commercial agent to promote acts or commercial operations within the national...

Commercial for home automation and system integration

ref. 17608 · publication date: 19/05/2022

We are a company located in Lleida that works in Catalonia and Aragon and we want to increase the presence of our company in any of these markets. We are integrators of air conditioning and lighting systems from the manufacturer...


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