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Commercial sale of personalized sportswear

ref. 17747 · publication date: 17/03/2023

We are looking for a salesperson for the sale of sportswear directly to clubs, schools and groups. The clothing is fully customized by sublimation for Soccer, Running, Athletics, Cycling, etc. We manufacture clothing for all...

Energy consultant

ref. 17748 · publication date: 17/03/2023

Girowatt is the leading consultancy in the business energy sector in the province of Girona. Our main mission is to advise clients who offer countless possibilities to collect the seven energy needs such as the purchase of energy...

Collaborating agent mobile sector

ref. 17745 · publication date: 16/03/2023

We are a company dedicated to the development of educational and relaxation Apps & computer tools. Our objective is to market them both in educational management and social health management companies, as well as in human resources...

Commercial of painting tools Catalonia

ref. 17743 · publication date: 09/03/2023

Manufacturer company with more than 50 years in the traditional market of brooches, brushes and precise commercial painting for the Catalonia area. Regular visits to portfolio clients will be necessary. (we provide an exclusive...

Commercial agent

ref. 17740 · publication date: 06/03/2023

We are looking for a commercial agent for a company that manufactures and distributes Industrial Hygiene. Industrial Hygiene Material, cellulose, waste management, etc. products for the hospital sector, catering sector, communities,...

Collaborating Agent Textile Contract Sector

ref. 17741 · publication date: 03/03/2023

Textil Contract is a consolidated company with more than 20 years of experience in the Contract sector that includes and has among its target clients Hotels, Tourist Apartments, Office Buildings, Residences, Commercial Premises,...

Multi Commercial Technician Industrial Sector

ref. 17739 · publication date: 02/03/2023

We are a manufacturer of abrasive / sandpapers that commercial sales for sectors wood, metallurgy, marble, varnishing, paintings ... are specialized in the manufacture of velcro discs and abrasive bands. You can visit both...

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