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We are looking for commercial food sector

ref. 17707 · publication date: 10/01/2023

We are a company in the food sector. We are looking for a multi-portfolio agent to open the Catalan market. We produce organic spice mixes, we are a dynamic, flexible and eager company. We are looking for a commercial profile,...

Decoration florist sector sub agent

ref. 17703 · publication date: 02/01/2023

Companies with proven solvency in the florist channel are looking for a multi-portfolio person with initiative and friendly dealings with customers for the introduction and implementation of top brand products in the florist...

Services Commercial Advisor

ref. 17698 · publication date: 29/12/2022

For the sale of hygiene services for companies, we select for our delegations in Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Seville and the Canary Islands, Commercial Advisors The functions it will perform are: Generate your own...

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